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Sewing, Waxing, Waterproofing: Preparations Video

Spring is here, and everything is melting. We’ve been stuck in New England for weeks, pleading with a bureaucrat in New York to process our last visa. Every puzzle piece is on the table but that one. Spring is here, and still we wait. I’ve spent some of this unexpected bonus time playing with the new camera and associated tools (toys?). I am comfortable telling a story through word and still photography, but video is new. I’ve never filmed before, or really edited anything, so this is a certainly a skill in progress. This added challenge is exciting, and more than a little intimidating, but part of what is driving us across this distant range is a love of challenge, as well as an interest in novelty: new ways of telling a story, new ways of travel, and new places to broad our understanding of the world. Enjoy: a tale of spring and delay.

Herding the details into rows and lines doesn’t take much time, but certainly affords the planner with a sense of peace. Here are a few photos from the gear piles. Some of this won’t make it on the plane, but much will.

gear1gear2a gear3 gear4 gear5 gear6 gear7

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