The Weight of Mountains

This may be the most beautiful piece of science education we’ve ever seen. In an age where quality moving imagery is almost assumed, and our media consciousness is saturated with landscape depicted in high-resolution, it is difficult to leave a viewer moved, let alone captivated for more than a few minutes. The difference, perhaps, is in the writing. This script is beautiful. I hope this film is being shown in science classes. We love mountains, and that is part of the reason why we are moving across the world to explore a distant range; what is learned in one high place is transferable to all places, high and low. The Altai are physical constructs just the same as any other range, and here is a story of orogeny and erosion told well.

“To gain an insight into the character of the landscape is no simple task, yet the aim of this film is exactly that. It is the hope of the filmmaker that whilst the language of geology presented here may seem intricate, the simple joy of observing will be no less diminished.”