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Mapping Solutions: An Idea of Scale

When I first started running my own expeditions, sourcing maps was one of the most intimidating details for me. If you want to hike in the White Mountains or paddle in Maine, you can probably get by with an atlas and gazetteer, or a swing… Read More


Making Piles: Organization Timelapse

This project involves a special challenge: we must thoughtfully combine the equipment necessary for cycling, camping, and skiing, and somehow include and protect a robust photo and video set up. Then, this constellation of small necessaries all needs to fit on a touring bike and… Read More


The Weight of Mountains

This may be the most beautiful piece of science education we’ve ever seen. In an age where quality moving imagery is almost assumed, and our media consciousness is saturated with landscape depicted in high-resolution, it is difficult to leave a viewer moved, let alone captivated… Read More